You are motivated to participate and reach a 10 or 20 km target but you don’t exactly know how? Don’t worry, we have initiated a programme for running guidance by an experienced and professional Running Coach. 

Run4Brain participants will be virtually trained by Tomas Valcke and his team (de Loopcoach) to reach the desired goal. Not only will they give you advice on training, but also on nutrition and sporting gear. You will have all the knowledge and means to start running towards your 10 or 20km target. Still some questions? These can be answered during the Q&A at the end of the 2-weekly, 60-minute zoom sessions with Tomas. Below you can find the timings. Want to join? Subscribe here and get access to the virtual coaching sessions. A dedicated link will be sent in time to individual subscribers by mail.

Tuesday 6 October, 8pm

  • Kick-off Meeting: introduction & getting to know each other
  • Training programmes & build-up
  • Sporting gear & Running shoes
  • Q&A

Tuesday 13 October, 8pm

  • Intensity Training: training on heartbeat, speed or just on feeling?
  • Q&A

Tuesday 27 October, 8pm

  • Importance of core stability & power training for endurance athletes
  • Q&A

Tuesday 10 November, 8pm

  • Food4Sport & supplements
  • Q&A

Tuesday 24 November, 8pm

  • Maintenance training phase
  • Motivation
  • Setting targets
  • Q&A

Sunday 29 November
Estimated date Run4Brain Ghent