We are very lucky to have the helping hands of many volunteers. They each carry a warm heart for our project and are happy to roll up their sleevers during activities and events. 4Brain was inititiated by Mrs. Vanessa Delacourt and Mr. Paul Boon, both are still the driving forces behind all our projects and activities. 4Brain is a project that is close to both their hearts and minds.

Vanessa Delacourt
Vanessa Delacourt is partner at Schelstraete Delacourt Associates an internationally renowned executive search company. She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical and Developmental Psychology from Ghent University and was awarded a Business Administration Degree by the Vlerick Business School. She comes face to face on a daily basis with both the complex and variable psychological aspects of human behavior that is determined by a close interaction between brain and environment. Also, in her personal life she has been confronted with brain disease. Therefore, she has taken the initiative to support brain research in both a sportive and leisurely manner.

Paul Boon
Paul Boon Professor Paul Boon MD, PhD, is a neurologist and the founding father of 4Brain at Ghent University Hospital, a multidisciplinary research team that aims at unraveling the complexity of brain mechanisms in order to identify new therapies for the most prevalent neurological disorders. Thanks to this research, Ghent University Hospital has been able to conduct groundbreaking international research trials. In this way, the brain research team wants to make a difference for the ever-growing group of one in three people who live with brain disorders.

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