4Brain is a non-profit organization that aims to inform a broad public on how to maintain a healthy brain, to raise awareness on brain disorders and to help preserve quality of life in patients with brain disorders. 

Despite the fact that more than one in three people (35%) will eventually suffer from a brain disease, only 10% of scientific resources are spent on research of brain diseases. That is why there is a major gap that can only be filled by private initiatives such as Run4Brain. Therefore, 4Brain organizes various events throughout the year, such as Run4Brain

--- NEW: Port Oostende organizes a running event in benefit of 4Brain ---

On 06/05/23, Port Oostende organizes a charity run in benefit of 4Brain. A new opportunity to run together to support brain research. We hope to represent 4Brain with a big group of 4Brain runners. Thanks a lot, Port Oostende!

More info and registration   

You can also still order your 4Brain calendar! The one and only Herr Seele created 12 paintings with the human brain as a central theme. You can discover these pieces of art in this exclusive calender. All profit goes directly to VZW 4Brain.

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